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Venus Envy

Pitbull Publishing (USA, 2004)

01. Shallow (4:44) - Moore / Glasgow
02. Never Told You (2:49) - Moore / unknown
03. Mystic Lady (2:50) - Bolan
04. Dignity (3:25) - Moore / unknown
05. Pretty Injured (4:46) - Moore / Glasgow
06. Just A Little Bit (Live) (2:35) - Thornton / Thompson / Bass / Washington
07. I'm Gonna Take What He's Got (Live) (4:00) - Covay

Produced by Alex Woltman.
Recorded at Goodnight LA Studios in Van Nuys, CA.

This CD was released with copies of Wendy's book purchased direct from the publisher. From 1998 through 2000, Wendy Moore was Ace's "girlfriend." During the time that they were together Ace would play on three songs for her band Venus Envy in 1998. In 2004 Wendy published her "tell-all" book "Into The Void... With Ace Frehley" (Pitbull Publishing) and included a promotional CD including these tracks with some copies. Ace plays additional lead guitar on tracks 02 and 05; and 12-string acoustic guitar on 03. Track 6 is a cover of the Rosco Gordon song that was also covered by the Animals, Etta James, Elvis and others. Track 7 is a cover of a song made famous by the legendary Etta James.